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Instar business consulting


We specialize in M&A, cost management and crisis management, but our expertize is also in managing...

Investment opportunities

Overview of current projects and investment opportunities. Current news and articles.

Studies and Analyses

Instar offers current market analysis of targeted industries, but also investment studies of potential projects.

Company profile

Instar d.o.o. provides business consultations in fields of investing, strategic development of companies, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring. We place special emphasis on assisting in the preparation of projects and applying them for EU structural and development funds.


Since its incorporation in 2004, the company has been focused on small- and medium-size companies. With years of business experience in various industries and different projects, we can help in the development of the company and improve its decision making process. In the past ten years we managed projects in total value of over € 90 million covering various sectors, from food industry and consumer goods to tourism and energy.


The blend of international business experience within various industries, as well as substantial knowledge of Croatian market and that of other countries in the region are the main features of Instar. That helped Instar to gain the trust of a larger number of local and foreign clients. Strong connection to projects and clients as well as an individual approach to the specific needs of each project, differs Instar from other companies present on the market.


Through cooperation with the international company LARIVE we provide quick access to the market of Western and Eastern Europe and the Far East.